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As founders of project_SANCTUS, Rev. Kelly Isola and Rev. Ogun Holder are committed to creating a safe, brave, online space to be our holiest selves together. This includes addressing the one thing that affects all of us, that has been responsible for much of the pain, inequality, and injustice in our country: systemic racism. On WITH LOVE AND JUSTICE FOR ALL Kelly and Ogun have conversations around embodied antiracism, dismantling oppression, fostering liberation, and the special challenges that arise for spiritual seekers. Join them in this challenging spiritual work of healing and transformation, and create a world of love, justice and liberation. Learn more at projectsanctus.com

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Saturday Aug 05, 2023

August is National Black Business Month. We explore the historical and contemporary obstacles that contribute to racial wealth inequities, and share steps we can all take towards economic justice.
Transcript: Comin soon

Friday Jul 21, 2023

Florida is rewriting history AGAIN, it's Barbenheimer weekend, State Attorney Generals protecting abortion rights, and some other headlines you might have missed.
Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12-pKlkZ5JG-HngrvtgXEhla-YmuyMapg/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117188677819474678160&rtpof=true&sd=true

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

Our featured guest for Disability Pride Month is Caz Killjoy. Caz is a Disability and Sexuality Freelance Educator and Consultant. Caz (pronouns: they/them/theirs) is currently on medical sabbatical. Prior to that sabbatical, they spent their life focusing on the things that make most people uncomfortable: accessibility; sex and kink; pain, disability, and illness; death and poverty; advocacy; and digital harm reduction. Caz is a white, genderqueer, queer person who practices non-monogamy as a relationship anarchist. Caz is also an abolitionist, an anarchist, an atheist, and an anti-Zionist; a lumpen-precariat; a formerly unhoused person; a former sex worker; a proud GED recipient; a writer and storyteller and blogger; and they are multiply disabled; Caz’s disabilities are the least interesting thing about them. In Slavic, “Caz” means “the famous destroyer of peace,” but “Caz” is also an abbreviation of their first name, hence the name “Caz Killjoy” – which started out as a joke and now they’re stuck with it. To learn more or get in touch, find Caz at http://ConnectWithCaz.com .
Episode Transcript - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ILqV07ej2zF4iGKdl_NdGFjJ_1em4A6f/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117188677819474678160&rtpof=true&sd=true
How many disabled people are there? by Peter Torres Fremlin at Disability Debrief
Resources on Ableism
How do these representations of disability in music make you feel?
Wheelchair Sports Camp: “Yess I’m A Mess”
Ellie Goldstein (lip syncing): “The Disability Serviceland Song”
Delta Spirit: “What’s Done is Done”
Skin, Tooth, and Bone: The Basis of Movement is Our People (2019) by Sins Invalid. Not only did they write the book about disability justice, they birthed the concept.
No Roles for BIPOC Disabled Actors in Hollywood: I’m A Black, Disabled Actor. This Is How I’m Making My Place In Hollywood. by Regina F. Graham at refinery29. This article interviews three disabled women of color who are actors about their struggle to find roles in Hollywood due to ableism and racism.
Violence in Language: Circling Back to Linguistic Ableism by Lydia X.Z. Brown. This blog post covers ableism in our language and includes a link to a glossary of ableist phrases.
Short Film (streaming for free)
Jeremy the Dud, available in full for free on YouTube (2017): A great cast of several actually disabled actors, including Chloé Hayden who went on to play Quinni in Heartbreak High. The short film is a comedy set in a world where everyone has a disability, and those that don’t are treated with the same prejudice, stigma, and condescending attitudes people with disabilities face in our own society. 
Social Media
Imani Barbarin is a Black cis woman who has cerebral palsy – and has the internet’s hottest takes on ableism and other disability-related issues. Check her out on TikTok as @crutches_and_spice.
TV Show (subscription required)
Queer as Folk, available on Peacock (2022): Stars actor Ryan O'Connell as Julian Beaumont. Ryan is a white gay cis man who has cerebral palsy. Also features biracial actor and dancer Eric Graise in a recurring role as Marvin. Eric is a bilateral amputee who uses a wheelchair in the show (he does not use a wheelchair outside of the show). Guest stars actor, model, and activist Nyle DiMarco, who is a white Deaf cis gay man, as Leo. Amazing portrayals of ableism, including internalized ableism, particularly as they relate to sex and relationships.
Resources on Archiving
Awkward Archives: Ethnographic Drafts for a Modular Curriculum (2020) by Margareta von Oswold and Jonas Tinus. (free PDF book.)
Gracen Brilmyer’s Disability Archives Lab.
Preserving Disability: Disability and the Archival Profession (expected late Fall 2023; book) published by Litwin Books.
Society of American Archivists AMRT/RMRT Working Group on Accessibility’s Guidelines for Accessible Archives for People with Disabilities.

Ep.99 - Disability Pride

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

Disability Pride Month (July) celebrates disabled persons embracing their disabilities as integral parts of who they are, reclaiming visibility in public and interacting fully with their disabilities out in the open, and rejecting shame and internalized ableism. It is a time for the disability community to come together, uplift, and amplify one another’s voices and be heard. Disability pride has been described as “accepting and honoring each person’s uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity.”
Transcript - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P9QiR00JWZ6fFEuhf-DTqGRHhDq8wjbH/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=117188677819474678160&rtpof=true&sd=true

Monday Jul 03, 2023

We review some of SCOTUS's recent controversial decisions, check in on CA reparations, and other headlines you might have missed.

Friday Jun 30, 2023

As we continue to highlight LGBTQ+ stories, we have a conversation with Alex, a trans woman living in North Carolina. We talk about what it means, and how it feels, to live in state that passes legislation which invalidates her existence. More importantly, we get to know someone simply trying to be who they are: a human being. Our conversation is equal parts vulnerable, enraging, heart-breaking, and wonderful. 

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

Much of the anti-LGBTQ+ justification comes from some Christian circles weaponizing just seven Bible verses. We took a look at some of those verses and break down why they're really not about homosexuality as much as we think.
Amy-Jill Levine: How to read the Bible’s “clobber passages” on homosexuality -- https://outreach.faith/2022/09/amy-jill-levine-how-to-read-the-bibles-clobber-passages-on-homosexuality/
What Does the Bible Say About Transgender People? -- https://www.hrc.org/resources/what-does-the-bible-say-about-transgender-people

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

Illinois Passes a Ban on Book Bans, the Supreme Court did a good thing, Elton John is done with the USA, and other headlines you might have missed.
Track and learn about anti-trans legislation in your state - https://translegislation.com/
HRC Foundation’s LGBTQ+ Affirming Booklist for Middle School and High School - https://www.hrc.org/news/books-not-bans-hrc-foundations-lgbtq-affirming-booklist-for-middle-school-and-high-school
Minnesota's Democracy for the People Act - https://www.democracydocket.com/news-alerts/minnesota-governor-enacts-the-democracy-for-the-people-act/

Friday Jun 16, 2023

In addition to making the connection between Pride and Juneteenth, Revs Kelly and Ogun share the stories of their own gender/identity/sexuality journeys.
Additional resources:
The Genderbread Person - https://www.itspronouncedmetrosexual.com/2018/10/the-genderbread-person-v4/

Ep.93 - Pride & Dignity

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

It's Pride month and a very challenging time to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community right now. Given the increase in anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment and legislation, it's easy to forget we're talking about real lives, real people. Today we share some of their stories.
For more stories visit https://www.adl.org/sites/default/files/cc-unheard-voices-interviews-and-transcripts.pdf and https://rainbopedia.org/
For more info about project_SANCTUS and to make a donation visit https://projectsanctus.com/

Tuesday May 23, 2023

We return to exploring some headlines you might have missed, like the AP's year-long report on how racial health disparities have harmed generations of Black Americans, travel advisories for the USA and Florida, and more. Visit projectsanctus.com to learn more and to make a donation.

Wednesday May 17, 2023

Last month, Somerville, MA became the first city in the United States to extend legal protections against discrimination to people in polyamorous relationships and other nontraditional family structures. We talk with lawyers Heron Greenesmith and Andy Izenson from The Polyamory Legal Advocacy Coalition (PLAC) who were both instrumental in the passage of the ordinances. 
Learn more about PLAC at https://polyamorylegal.org/
Support the podcast with a donation and learn about our opportunites for further learning at https://projectsanctus.com/

Ep.90 - I Touch Myself So Much

Wednesday May 10, 2023

Wednesday May 10, 2023

It might be our spiciest episode yet! As part of our ongoing series for International Masturbation Month, we talk about masturbation (sometimes in graphic detail), healing sexual shame, and how sexual self-touch is a vehicle for justice and liberation. To support this podcast with a donation please visit projectsanctus.com

Tuesday May 02, 2023

May is International Masturbation Month. All month long we will be having conversations around touch, self-pleasure, sex, sexuality, relationships, and more. On this episode we warm up with a conversation on non-sexual touch, why it's important to touch ourselves, and how our tagline "Let's Get Our Holy On!" is related to it all. To learn more about us and make a donation visit projectsanctus.com

Friday Apr 28, 2023

Revs Kelly and Ogun talk about the ongoing war on trans people, British reparations, some Republicans coming to their senses, and other headlines you might have missed. (Please ignore Rev Ogun's confident declaration that it's Ep.89)
Article links:

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

Revs Kelly and Ogun discuss the invention and history of white people, the difference between white people and whiteness, and the harm whiteness causes today in its current iteration: American exceptionalism.

Friday Apr 21, 2023

Kelly and ogun talk about marijuana justice, AI racism, the good old days of lynching, and some other headlines you might have missed. Visit projectsanctus.com to learn more and support the podcast.
Article Links:

Ep.85 - Ding Dong Bang Bang

Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Revs Kelly and Ogun talk about the shooting of Black 16-year-old Ralph Yarl when he rang the door bell of the wrong house by its 85-year-old white owner, and the likely internalized white supremacy and white identity norms that caused it. For more info and ways to support us visit projectsanctus.com

Friday Apr 14, 2023

Revs Kelly and Ogun are joined by Rev Derrick Weston to continue their discussion on Climate Justice. ​Derrick Weston is a writer, filmmaker, podcaster, speaker, and Theological Education and Training Coordinator for Creation Justice Ministries. He is the co-host of the Food and Faith podcast and producer of Spoon, Spade, and Soul, a podcast highlighting food and land-based ministries in the Episcopal church. He is also the producer of the short film series "A Wilderness Like Eden" highlighting the work of churches engaged in food justice work, and the co-author of the book "The Just Kitchen: Invitations to Sustainability, Cooking, Connection, and Celebration" now available for preorder.
Resources mentioned in the episode:https://www.agrariantrust.org/initiatives/faithlands/toolkit/https://www.creationjustice.org/resources.html

Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

As Earth Day approaches it's a good time to talk again about the connections between Climate Justice and Racial Justice, as well as some daily action steps to help save the planet. To learn more about our work and to make a donation visit projectsanctus.com

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