With Love And Justice For All

As founders of project_SANCTUS, Rev. Kelly Isola and Rev. Ogun Holder are committed to creating a safe, brave, online space to be our holiest selves together. This includes addressing the one thing that affects all of us, that has been responsible for much of the pain, inequality, and injustice in our country: systemic racism. On WITH LOVE AND JUSTICE FOR ALL Kelly and Ogun have conversations around embodied antiracism, dismantling oppression, fostering liberation, and the special challenges that arise for spiritual seekers. Join them in this challenging spiritual work of healing and transformation, and create a world of love, justice and liberation. Learn more at projectsanctus.com

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Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

As Earth Day approaches it's a good time to talk again about the connections between Climate Justice and Racial Justice, as well as some daily action steps to help save the planet. To learn more about our work and to make a donation visit projectsanctus.com

Friday Apr 07, 2023

Revs Kelly and Ogun talk about The Tennessee Three, the never-ending double-standard for Black women, good and bad news for trans folks, as well as other headlines you might have missed. For more info and to make a donation visit projectsanctus.com

Ep.81 - We Back!

Tuesday Apr 04, 2023

Tuesday Apr 04, 2023

Revs Kelly and Ogun return from a break with the first episode of Season 3. They talk about some of the joys and struggles from their time off, preview some upcoming happenings, and briefly discuss Trump's indictment and arraignment. 

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

Dr. Joel Brown joins our season two finale to talk his recent publication "The Souls of Queer Folk: How Understanding LGBTQ+ Culture Can Transform Your Leadership Practice."
Dr. Brown is the Chief Visionary Officer of Pneumos, LLC. He works strategically with a variety of organizations, including non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, churches, and institutions of higher learning to build consciousness, capacity, community, and collective esteem. His work spans 5 continents and his mission is to facilitate liberation for every global citizen.
Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, Dr. Brown conducted a study to illuminate the lived experiences and cultural values of the LGBTQ+ community. Based on that research, he developed 9 leadership dimensions that show how understanding the cultural imprint of the LGBTQ+ community is essential for organizations to be employers of choice and for global communities to maintain their vitality. 
Learn more at pneumos.com

Ep.79 - Awesome Black Women

Friday Feb 17, 2023

Friday Feb 17, 2023

We take a look at 10 Black women Innovators and the awesome things they brought us plus a few Black History Heroes you may never have heard of.

Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

Recorded on Valentine's Day, we talk about the capitalist, patriarchal, mono-normative expectations around love, the holiday, and relationships in general. We discuss alternatives to these cultural norms, and considerations for decolonizing relationships regardless of what kind being practiced.

Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Author and wellness activist Kerri Kelly joins our 8:46 Book Club on the final night of our exploration of her book "American Detox: The Myth of Wellness and How We Can Truly Heal."

Tuesday Feb 07, 2023

We're joined by community organizer and wellness activist Kerri Kelly. She is the author of American Detox: The Myth of Wellness and How We Can Truly Heal and the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement that is democratizing wellbeing for all.
She works diligently to dismantle oppression within herself and the systems and culture she is a part of. She works in support and solidarity with BIPOC leaders and organizations to explore how to work across lines of difference to advance equity and build community resilience.
As a white woman of privilege, Kerri is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and doing her part to bring about the more just and equitable world that we all deserve. She understands that the toxic impacts of these systems land differently and disproportionately on BIPOC people. Because of this reality Kerri gives attribution and reparation to the long long lineage of first responders, healers, activists and organizers that she comes from.
Learn more at ctznwell.org

Friday Feb 03, 2023

Just in time for Black History Month the College Board strips down Its A.P. curriculum for African American Studies, a neo-Nazi homeschool network is uncovered, and we recognize World Hijab Day, plus other headlines you might have missed.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

Both the traditional and New Thought Christian message of Self-Love come with implied directives of individualism, isolation, and rejection of parts of ourselves, especially our bodies. On this episode we take a look at how loving ourselves is an opportunity for deconstruction, with embodied practices to help us return home.

Friday Jan 27, 2023

Florida bans AP African American studies class, International Holocaust Memorial Day, Black killer cops, and other headlines you might have missed. Learn more about project_SANCTUS at www.projectsanctus.com
Article links:

Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

We continue our discussion around creating safe[r] spaces with visual artist and workshop facilitator Jenny Hahn. Jenny holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art, and her acrylic paintings and giclée prints are collected around the world as well as licensed for inspirational products including book covers, calendars, posters, and most recently the Wisdom of the Shadow and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine oracle card decks.
Her workshops help people recover their innate wholeness and creativity using painting as a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery. Her innate magic is to uplift and inspire with images that feed the heart and soul. She says her painting is her connection to the mystery.
Learn more about Jenny and purchase her work at jennyhahnart.com
Learn more about our work at projectsanctus.com

Tuesday Jan 17, 2023

Beloved community, a term popularized by Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr, was not simply a welcoming space as determined by majority comfort. It's a community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and hate, in which we work to eradicate what King called the Triple Evils: Poverty, Racism, Militarism. To create such safe spaces involves the uncomfortable and sometimes messy work of examining how we uphold the Triple Evils, both individually and collectively.
Visit projectsanctus.com for more

Friday Jan 13, 2023

We talk about modern-day reparations, Covid catching up to white bodies, Trans folk being dishonored even in death, and some other headlines you might have missed. Article sources below. Visit projectsanctus.com for more info about our events and to make a donation.

Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

Ahead of Martin Luther King, Jr Day and the National Day of Racial Healing we have a conversation about how "Healing" has been conflated for maintaining comfort, what healing actually means, and how MLK Jr's concept of Beloved Community invites both connection and discomfort.
Learn more at projectsanctus.com

Ep.69 - New Year, More Us.

Friday Jan 06, 2023

Friday Jan 06, 2023

We're back after the holidays with a discussion around our 2023 intentions as individuals and as a platform and community committed to creating an antiracist culture.
More info + event registration at projectsanctus.com

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Problematic AI selfies and facial recognition, Black people dying sooner because racism, RIP Dorothy Pitman Hughes, and other headlines you might have missed. Links to articles referenced in show below:

Friday Dec 09, 2022

We welcome Rabbi Eli Freedman for a wonderful and enlightening conversation with  about Judaism, antisemitism, and what's our to do at time when misinformation is fueling a rise in antisemitic rhetoric and violence.
Rabbi Eli Freedman serves the Congregation Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to joining the clergy team at Rodeph Shalom, Rabbi Freedman served as Rabbinic Intern at the NYU Hillel, spent three years of rabbinical school in London and ran the outreach and engagement program at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. Rabbi Freedman’s major areas of work at Rodeph Shalom include RiSe Up! (Social Justice) Initiative, Families with Young Children, and young adult work.

Tuesday Dec 06, 2022

Advent is already underway, but it's not the only holiday observed at this time of year. When is it appropriate to celebrate other traditions not created for our race or ethnicity? We discuss, as well as take a deconstructed view of Advent.

Friday Dec 02, 2022

In a recently published article, writer and activist adrienne maree brown invites us to embrace  a few key activities and perspectives that will help create a future that is nourishing for all of us.

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